Sunday, January 10, 2010

nailed's photo is not going to be up for the top 10 strong images of the year really disappointed...but i was having a moment of "shyness" and didnt take the time to get the photo that i wanted... i definitely have a issue with self-consciousness - especially with my photography...and even doing this daily thing is causing me to stretch this year (i can't stand to not be a fabulous photographer since i went to school for it...its hard for me to admit how jealous i am when there are so many untrained people who take more fabulous photos than me)...but perhaps this will be a year of stretching...i have several areas that i hope to be able to say that i improved in before the end of the year...thank goodness i have lots of time to work on it...and matt, yes, i am going to try to write more about the photos to instead of just posting them (though that is what i would rather do)

tonight i went to small group...i am very excited to get to know this group of people/friends better (yes even those i am related to)...and hopefully learn some important stuff too....anyhow, small group meets in the youth room and my guess is that the kids nailed things that they wanted to give to jesus to the cross...i thought it looked cool...apparently so did our group leader...he showed me that he took a photo of it too (i liked his better - *sigh*)


Kelly said...

what are the areas that you are hoping to improve upon this year?

tixie said...

ugh, I hate photo shyness... glad to know I'm not the only one! Love the daily updates!