Monday, December 10, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

duck, duck, goose

ducks and geese ... like salt and vinegar chips ... adults setting a very bad example for the (then) almost 3 year old (officially 4 as of yesterday)

Monday, November 19, 2007

i dont have a holga...

...but i like to pretend that i do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

photos fall flat

you know, it really does amaze me...sometimes photographs makes things appear so much more beautiful/wonderful than they were in real life and then other times, no matter what you do, it never captures the beauty of real life...ive noticed this in particular with sunsets/rises and fall leaves....i love when the tree in front of our apartment changes in the fall ...when the sunshines it just glows and fills our living room with a golden glow....i hoped to capture that....i didnt....maybe if i had more time...*shrug*....just use your imagination i guess....

tea for 2

ok...actually it was hot choc...and zelda didnt really share any of it...but "empty mug" just wouldnt have been an interesting title...this was my best photo of my 5 minute attempt to have a good photo to post...i really AM going to try to force myself to photograph more than just the kids...i had a professor who used to force herself to take at least one photo everyday...i have always thought that was a good idea...and so much more economical now that i do digital...i have lots of lofty ideas about what my photographic self could/should produce...instead, ... well im just not.... that mug was Bellagio Sipping Chocolate if you have never had sipping choc. i highly recommend of my best friends gave it to me for christmas last year...and it is truly an amazing experience...i really needed it today...we have all been sick for about a month (which means i have gotten even less sleep than usual) and last night, i could only sleep sitting up (otherwise, i couldnt stop coughing) on the couch i slept....for a few hours at least... to bed i go....hopefully it will be a more peaceful, restful nights sleep

Saturday, October 27, 2007

not the bunts this isnt a terribly interesting photo....but its the best ive got right now and i wanted to post something, because i feel lame for not posting....its too late and i shouldnt be doing this right now...but i am ... so there....(matt, im still blaming my ramblings on you) feeling nostalgic....hence the title....we used to live in an apartment was "the bunts", it wasnt anything great, i dont miss it, but our new place has no fun nickname....but im feeling nostalgic because it is my baby girls first (its after mignight - but is it really tomorrow yet? college, jeff and i always said it wasnt tomorrow until after you went to sleep....which gets a bit sticky when you pull an all nighter)....anyhow, in looking for something that wasnt totally lame, i was looking at some of the photos from this year so far....this year has gone by so much just slips through the cracks...anyhow....none of this has anything to do with my lame is just the roses on the side of the apartment...that i fiddled with for...about a to bed...i will try to have something much better next time....and ramble somewhat less....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

small apartment

so, we have this is on this huge heavy hunk of SOLID wood that appears to at one point have been a cabinet door... a co-worker gave it to me when he was moving...and we like it....we just dont have anywhere to put was living in the bathroom for a long time - until the sink started leaking...and i was afraid that it would get moved it out to the hallway behind the door....which happens to be right outside of the bathroom....i just liked how it looked...and this photo was born ( matt - are you sure you really want me to ramble about each photo i put up? )

Sunday, September 09, 2007

movin' along

I've been told that I need to actually start to write about the photos that I post. So....let's see...there is just something about the morning light coming in our kitchen and down the hallway that is amazing to me. I've photographed it many times over the 6 years that we have lived here....most of them would only be interesting to me...because I think that the "experience" is very much a part of the images to me...the quiet calm, warmth of those fleeting morning hours...but this morning...the quiet calm was replaced by the laughter of my children as they played chase down the hall into the sunlight...its funny, though the quiet calm was'd never know it from this image.

So, matthew...there is is...just especially for you. :)

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