Monday, January 14, 2008


ok...what to write?...matt, you obviously know what this is....we drive past it everytime we visit my means we are almost there...and the trip is finally at an end :) and once i noticed that in the building adjacent, that a pigeon had flown into one of the windows smashing it and well, remained....and the next trip, i also noticed that a second pigeon had joined it...and on many subsequent trips i have notice how surprisingly well preserved they have remained (matt, you know you will have to look now...lag)....kelly i apologize....but i needed to share...blame my brother...

anyhow, this is a little theater in the uptown area and holds memories for me and my parents...ive always liked the building, sad that it no longer is anything...and...i eventually want to photograph lots of interesting letters and make a composite of their names for each of our childern (and cousins if they so desire - but how many versions of one's names would a person really want) to hang in their bedrooms.