Wednesday, November 28, 2007

duck, duck, goose

ducks and geese ... like salt and vinegar chips ... adults setting a very bad example for the (then) almost 3 year old (officially 4 as of yesterday)

Monday, November 19, 2007

i dont have a holga...

...but i like to pretend that i do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

photos fall flat

you know, it really does amaze me...sometimes photographs makes things appear so much more beautiful/wonderful than they were in real life and then other times, no matter what you do, it never captures the beauty of real life...ive noticed this in particular with sunsets/rises and fall leaves....i love when the tree in front of our apartment changes in the fall ...when the sunshines it just glows and fills our living room with a golden glow....i hoped to capture that....i didnt....maybe if i had more time...*shrug*....just use your imagination i guess....

tea for 2

ok...actually it was hot choc...and zelda didnt really share any of it...but "empty mug" just wouldnt have been an interesting title...this was my best photo of my 5 minute attempt to have a good photo to post...i really AM going to try to force myself to photograph more than just the kids...i had a professor who used to force herself to take at least one photo everyday...i have always thought that was a good idea...and so much more economical now that i do digital...i have lots of lofty ideas about what my photographic self could/should produce...instead, ... well im just not.... that mug was Bellagio Sipping Chocolate if you have never had sipping choc. i highly recommend of my best friends gave it to me for christmas last year...and it is truly an amazing experience...i really needed it today...we have all been sick for about a month (which means i have gotten even less sleep than usual) and last night, i could only sleep sitting up (otherwise, i couldnt stop coughing) on the couch i slept....for a few hours at least... to bed i go....hopefully it will be a more peaceful, restful nights sleep