Wednesday, September 26, 2007

small apartment

so, we have this is on this huge heavy hunk of SOLID wood that appears to at one point have been a cabinet door... a co-worker gave it to me when he was moving...and we like it....we just dont have anywhere to put was living in the bathroom for a long time - until the sink started leaking...and i was afraid that it would get moved it out to the hallway behind the door....which happens to be right outside of the bathroom....i just liked how it looked...and this photo was born ( matt - are you sure you really want me to ramble about each photo i put up? )

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JLR said...

I'm getting a very strong ballet feel from this picture. Your feet are positioned in a ballet (almost third position) style and black and white tile floor further emphasizes that ballet feel. The furniture next to you even seems like it could be the feet of a ballet bar.

I like the commentary! Yeah! The Office is new tonight!!