Thursday, January 14, 2010


so, how many days into this am i? (day 9 - i just checked) ... and i almost threw in the towel...i have a few photos that i took - i haven't decided which i will post... with a major limiting factor of 4 walls - i don't know how i will EVER come up with a photo a day through the winter... ok so i know the problem is that i want each and every photo to be interesting...if its not perfect i hate doing it...BUT i'm not going to quit just yet (hey and i can tell myself kelly is counting on me, im not ready to let her (you) down).... i will probably ask jeff to choose which to post.... be continued.

part duex


ezeldabeth said...

it really irks me that my hand and camera are reflected in the ornaments

Kelly said...

I didn't even notice it, and even know that I know, it is still hard to figure out what I am seeing in the reflection. Besides its shiny - that's what shiny things do:)

Kelly said...

don't quit please! I don't want to do this alone, it is so much more interesting, rewarding, fun and motivating knowing that you are posting photos too!!!

p.s. you are doing great, no need to be so hard on yourself, just keep at it.